Call us as much in advance as possible, and we will make every effort to accommodate your dog-sitting needs if you have to be separated from your pet for an extended period of time.
If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment to bring your furry friend in for a grooming session, please come see us.

We are conveniently located near Canyon Meadows and Lake Fraser Drive.

Or, please contact us, and a member of our staff will happily assist you. Thank you for choosing Mrs. Beesley’s Puppy Parlor. We look forward to serving you!

Mrs. Beesleys Puppy Parlor
2106-380 Canyon Meadows Dr SE
Calgary, AB T2J7C3
(403) 278-2444

Mrs. Beesley's Puppy Parlor

Who We Are

Big or small, we love them all. Over 30 years servicing Calgary!

Mrs. Beesleys Puppy Parlor is the place to be for all I-love-my-dog services. If your are ready to pamper your canine companion, bring them in for a thorough and rejuvenating grooming.

Our courteous and well-trained staff is committed to making your pet feel like a member of our own family. We use only all-natural products when bathing the dogs, and in addition to the baths they can receive nail clippings, ear pluckings, custom stylings, or any combination of each. We humans should have it so good!

Our Promise to You

The employees at Mrs. Beesley’s Puppy Parlor treat each animal that comes into our shop as if it were their very own. Since dogs are like people and have their own personalities, preferences and pet peeves (pardon the pun) we will approach our new clients with courtesy and sensitivity; always being careful in handling them while they are being groomed. Your pet will love us for it, and will love you more for bringing them in to see us. He or she will leave our store looking and feeling better than when they came in. We guarantee it.